Ines Thora 
Mostly Void

18 Sep. - 18 Oct.

The search for a title was difficult for me, it's my first solooexhibition so it needed to be right. The title needed to have the viewer's mental space open. The exhibition “Mostly Void”  is never finished and always becoming, just like the world surrounding us. I hope the viewer sees the fun, experiment and coincidence dripping of the canvas. It's like a game which gets you into another state of mind. I like to say each painting is a struggle to accept as well as fight the void: it starts with the void, i.e. the empty canvas, and it will try to move back to this void, because the absorption of the oil paint into the fabric. In between everything is possible and the creation game is never finished
In my more recent works, I am experimenting with different fabrics, the paint reacts in a different way. For me it's interesting because of the freedom I got in this expo, you can see the work evolving without knowing where it is going next. Just like the canvasses are huge desert voids where everything is possible, my work keeps evolving, my subjects keep changing and my objects of interest keep shifting. In the end, my paintings tell me something about myself I didn't know to begin with.

Ines Thora, August 2020

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