Jeanette Hillig

Danish artist Jeanette Hillig was educated in Copenhagen in 2008. She works primarily with large scaled sculptures and drawing. The aesthetic expression borrows from post minimalism and abstract expressionism and combines elements from both sculpture and painting media.

Jeanette Hillig (Copenhagen) is a Danish artist. In 2016 she graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Jeanette has presented exhibitions at Jeppe Just Institute, Henningsen Gallery, Copenhagen, Unten Drunter, Malmö, Molekyl Gallery, Malmö. She has received many awards like Ole Haslund Artist Foundation, Statens Kunstfonds arbeidlegat, Award for the exhibition Kulør, Kugle Kant , Statens Kunstfond.
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12 Feb. - 14 Mar.

Opening Night: 11 Feb at 6pm

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