Obsidian is a Brussels based art gallery.

Obsidian is unique.
Our artists are selected to exhibit based on their artistic language, which conveys emotion and a message. Obsidian seeks to find incredible young artists, offer them a platform to exhibit their work, and enable them to grow, focus, and develop. We display our young artists’ works alongside established national and international guest artists. This way, we create a dialogue and contrast within the gallery, between artists and their work.

Obsidian is diverse. Our team is composed of people from different backgrounds with a common objective in mind: to present a new and fresh scene for art. We believe we are stronger because of our differences and the ability to introduce diverse thoughts into our discussions by engaging with a variety of clients, collaborators, and artists.
Obsidian is curious. We believe our multidisciplinary approach creates a unique capacity to build bridges across ideas and communities, so we may all think differently, together. At Obsidian, you will find art, design, music, and architecture. This combination creates a powerful dialogue between these distinct art forms.

Obsidian is open to all. We believe everyone should be able to own a beautiful piece of art. We strongly believe in investing in the different stages of an artist’s career, as well as participating in the development of a collector’s life. The diverse mediums in which art is presented allows for a joint journey between the artist and a growing collector. We intend to deliver art to our audience and  play a role in getting more people to discover and enjoy art. This will  include lectures, interviews, and exhibitions to compliment the experience of buying a piece of art in Obsidian. This community has been created  to inspire and enrich your life.


Represented Artists      

Ines Thora
Jeanette Hillig
Olympe Tits
Larsen Bervoets
midnight green
Laurence Leenaert
Lulama ‘wolf’ Mlambo
Walt Van Beek

Invited Artists      

Reza Shafahi
De Klup
Vinny Oscar
Dominique Gerolini
Nancy Cadogan
Lien Van Ranst


Gallery Director 
Sam Van Coillie

Having studied Art History and History, Sam started his art career in Oxford, England working for a modern art gallery during 2011. In 2016, he started his own award winning gallery, Dantzig in Woodstock. During this period, he was a guest lecturer for the Art History department of Oxford University, and started an art consultancy business with Nico Kos. Together they organised ground breaking exhibitions like Botanicae, and advised major contemporary galleries and collectors. The last three years he managed leading contemporary galleries in Knokke, Miami and Sint-Martens-Latem.
Gallery Assistant Curator
Alexandra Borgerhoff

Alexandra studied Art Sciences at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. She specialized in heritage and museology during her bachelors degree, and in modern and contemporary art in her masters with an in-depth investigation of the dormant gender problematic in art history. Her master's dissertation portrayed Rachel Baes, a controversial surrealist painter overshadowed in her male-dominated industry. Alexandra is currently contributing to the Risquons-Tout exhibition for the WIELS centre for contemporary art.

Architect in Residence
Office midnight.green

Office midnight.green (Azul Klix + Nicolas Borgerhoff) is a practice-based architectural studio researching our Human Trace. Their projects range from objects, furniture, architectural interventions, competitions (both related to art and architecture); and self-initiated creative projects. On these projects they work in collaboration with clients who take on a participatory role. At Obsidian they have fullfilled the role of architects as well as communication directors.

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Saturday 11am - 7pm 
Sunday 1pm - 5pm