Erik Rikmans
by Haecken & Ooghen
12 June - 24 July

Erik Rikmans presents his risomatic resonance. This iconoclasm is a dynamic of mixed media, a repeated search for new images in relation to other art. His statement is a dialectical sculpture cabinet that can be better described as a liquid DADA.

In his quest he juggles with styles and their banality, he does not shy away from any taboo and likes to use provocation
and the carnival. Erik uses a toxic aesthetic that often gives itself a feeling through the repetition of the arrangement
of objectionable well-being.

He himself best phrases his work as /
Threat in a contrast of beautiful images / Love that inspires hermetically / Disappointment in humans / Forensic, misanthropic, communicative seeking and also avoidant / Restless living and uncertain between love and the void / A one-person doctrine / Strong metaphors in a singular universe, using of existing models that demysfs every originality

Erik Rikmans (Antwerp 1969) lives and works in Waulsort. He studied art at the Karel De Grote Hogeschool in Antwerp and continued his studies at the Sint Lucas institute in Brussels. Erik graduated cum laude in Graphics and Typographic Design.

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