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Gerolini describes her process as a balance between things; colour and line, form and space, concept and articulation. One could say she is making works that frame a moment of coalescence - just before everything falls apart or begins anew. Like a dancer striking a pose, each work captures a feeling of harmony found within the flow of movement. The interplay of colours, lines, and shapes with the surface of the paper - its texture and white untouched spaces - work in concert to produce a kind of musical syncopation. Pure bright tones and fluid lines act with immediacy on the senses, and we respond intuitively to their tune. As with choreography, there is no hierarchy in these abstractions, no sense of one shape or line taking over from the rest, and this unification of the picture plane reflects Gerolini’s conceptual framework.

This idea can be read within a single work, or between her diptychs, and across a whole series shown together. Like music, Gerolini’a paintings are not an illustration of something else but an expression in and of themselves. Her sense of composition has a musicality that belies her formative years, in which she studied the theory of music. They are at once particular in feeling, and absent of any literal representation; internally coherent and yet totally abstract. Seen together, we begin to discern a distinct lexicon, a signature in the repetition of forms, and a rhythm in the spaces between them.  

In Entre-Deux we explore the space between the colourful abstract that reflects of and plays with the white ceramics of Anita le Grelle. In natural shades that reference the earth, sky, and ocean, le Grelle continues to expand her dream world. Starting from something that she lacks, or as a creative protest against everyday objects that she simply does not find sufficiently attractive or useful, Anita Le Grelle brings ceramics to life. The refined appearance and the different layers of glaze characterise the entire line.

In 2013, Le Grelle decided to dismantle one of her older artworks. From the clay she retrieved, she made a mould in the shape of a small bowl. The bowl became a plate, which in turn became a dish ... Before she knew it, Terres de rêves had become a successful line of tableware. Year after year, the line has been further expanded with a range of kitchen, table and bathroom accessories, vases, herb pots, and lamps.

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