This silent exhibition is not about specific pieces, nor about objects or results, but rather the process involved in the making of an object. We have designed pieces that intend to be straightforward and not complex in their assembly, this way what you see is what you get. A product that is honest, pure and transparent. The attempt to be straightforward, making it so easy to replicate and understand, strips it down from any categories, reducing it entirely to its foundations. The process of an active, manual activity made with materials already at home or just the necessary amount to make the chair, we think not only provides an acquisition of knowledge from a new perspective, to the one we are usually positioned when acquiring a new chair. This process also has the capacity to empower the maker. Our furniture is not entitled and therefore transparent, so accessible that it allows for an openness, and an open way to build, materialize and use it.

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Open Wednesday - Friday 12pm - 6pm
Saturday 11am - 7pm 
Sunday 1pm - 5pm