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Larsen Bervoets
19 Mar. - 18 Apr.


Larsen Bervoets (Antwerp, 1979) lives and works in Antwerp. He studied Art at the RIKSO in Antwerp and continued his studies at the Academy of Art in Ghent where he graduated Cum Laude.

Bervoets’ technical and harsh abstraction on carefully created carriers, embody a vibrant and crisp aesthetic. Each creation is a unique configuration, consisting of carefully chosen areas of colour that support the visual complexity of the composition. The compositions arise from sketches and notes of impressions in order and environment. From beginning to end, the colours are pressed into suprematic color sculptures. There is a long tradition in the art of this luminal form abstraction and this work ties in with it in dialectics.

The work explores a “push” and “pull” of pure geometry and colour, often with a deliberate spatial contrast. The emphasis is on the economy of form, the fullness of colour and the flatness of the surface and feel like visual poetry, often created from an elegant solution to a nonexistent strategy of working and embracing chance.

The work is not intended to be experienced in a minimalist way but is deliberately not representative and avoids images and metaphors, everything clearly has no narrative meaning.

What you see is what you see.


midnight green
19 Mar. - 18 Apr.


With “The XYZ”, midnight green is introducing us to the design and production process of their architectural practice. “The XYZ” represents the three-dimensional axis in digital spaces, accessed through computerized technology and software, where the designs take shape. The continuing advancement of this technology makes us imagine the endless possibilities that these digital spaces, and worlds can aspire to. The ease of access and unlimited possibilities make the XYZ the ideal design space for many designers. Because of this, designs take their “origins” within the digital world, making them digital commodities. Thus, in the physical world, objects, furniture and houses are a reflection or translation of their digital counterparts, not the other way around. Accessibility is a core value within the design process of midnight green. The accessibility to digital design resources like these is expanding rapidly, and so are their production counterparts. Thinking ahead, we can imagine the increasing value of designs within these digital spaces. Will the value of the digital surpass the value of the physical?

“The XYZ” exhibition shows this indispensable link between the digital and physical worlds. Half of the exhibition is accessed digitally, through augmented and virtual reality, the other half is physically displayed within the gallery space. Three furniture pieces; a low chair, a high chair and a bench, from the repertoire of midnight green have been redesigned and adapted for CNC milled aluminium. The 3D-files at the origin of these three furniture pieces, which are designed within the XYZ, can be uploaded to a growing number of webshops specialised in the digital manufacturing of custom designs. One piece, O-mg2.xyz has been produced twice using one of these webshops. Both are displayed within the gallery. One of them is assembled, and the other is disassembled, showing the separate pieces, such as they come out of the CNC machine. The two other pieces designed for this exhibition can be viewed through augmented and virtual reality, with a QR code or link giving the access.

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