De Klup

8 Jan. - 8 Feb. 2021

Originated as a nighttime pastime of two drawing friends, De Klup has since grown into a performance / visual collective with a permanent core of six members and many guests.

The concept remained the same: people draw together and - if possible - at the same time on large sheets of paper. The aim is to achieve a joint composition and challenging image. Everyone has the right to change, finish or defac the drawings of others. This way of working often produces surprising results and makes De Klup more than the sum of its members. Other’s interventions ensure that the approach to the drawing is not a personal one, but a schizophrenic one. The Klup becomes a many-headed monster that thinks and reacts differently than one person.

Following an exhibition curated by Sarah Weyns in 2006, De Klup crawled out of her damp studio into daylight and started working on location. The places were chosen in function of possible inspiration and interaction with the environment. For example, De Klup already drew in a real cowboy village, at the Erotica fair, in bleak bars, at Art Brussels, at festivals, quays, sidewalks and caravans. In living rooms and at parties. In museums and in the rain.

The Klup is a Performance / Visual collective from Antwerp with a permanent core of six members (Gerard Leysen / Johan De Meulder / Maarten Wagemans / Wout Schildermans / Larsen Bervoets / Thomas Palmaerts). Throughout their 15 years, they have been exhibited in BOZAR for the Canvas Collection, at the Biennale of Aardenburg, at KASK in Antwerp among many other.

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